Whiteboard for Remote Learning

Share video lessons, collaborate, or livecast your whiteboard. Find the best fit for your own personal brand of distance learning.


Share explainer videos

Screencast videos of your teaching

Creating your own videos beats getting students to read textbook chapters by themselves anyday. Just press Record to capture everything you say or add to the whiteboard. And voila — a personal video tailored to your kids’ needs is ready to share!

Let students show their understanding with a video

Now it’s your students’ turn to record! Having your students answer your questions using their own screencasts will keep them engaged and stimulate their creativity.

Use Explainer Videos in the Classroom

Engage using collaborative whiteboarding

1-1 collaboration

Moving your school online shouldn’t deprive students who need your attention most. Interact with students in a safe, private space so you can understand their thought process and help them better.

Group projects for collaborative assignments

Remote learning doesn’t have to mean the end of group projects. Groups of students can work on cloud projects simultaneously or at their convenience, all under the watchful eye of you, their teacher!

3 Collaborative Whiteboard Strategies

Livecast your whiteboard when lecturing

Enhance online lecturing by broadcasting your whiteboard

Livecasting your whiteboard will transform your online lecture from a monologue into a real lesson. Slides could never compete with the spontaneity of a chalkboard or flipchart. And don’t let distance learning change that!

Create student feedback loops

You wouldn’t let your students doze off in the classroom — don’t let them do it in online school, either! Creating a feedback loop means you can engage with your students, demanding their attention and responding to their questions in real time.

Start Broadcasting Your Whiteboard

Remote Learning Success Stories

See real examples of the teaching possibilities that come with Explain Everything whiteboard. Get inspired!

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